Catch that Wagon: Return to the Mega-DungeonI’ve been trying to write that post all day long and I keep getting distracted… I can feel it coming.. one of my dreaded/beloved consciousness-devouring, depression-killing creative surges…

I have dungeons on my mind. More precisely, I think about Mega-Dungeons, a lot. Those huge, multi-leveled sprawling complex that were at the core of the first fantasy campaigns of the mid-seventies and were revisited more or less successfully in the following years.

I also realize that I’ve reached that point in my gamer life where I weigh my current involvement (both gaming and blogging) in the game against both my perceived enjoyment and my rising sense of nostalgia about D&D. Mega dungeons feature a lot in such nostalgia.

Which, come to think of it is kinda weird since I never played in anything bigger than Gary’s (and later Monte’s)Temple of Elemental Evil.

Anyway, there’s a lot of buzz online both in the old and new schools about revisiting the Mega-Dungeon as the core of a campaign setting. In fact, Amityville Mike, getting a strong vibe from the old school community, called 2009 to be the year of the dungeon.


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