Please Do Not Feed The Monsters

The party members that had gone to the shoppes congregated in the bazaar and then returned en masse to the merchant shoppe which Culum had led them to. The cellar of this boarded up shoppe housed the expansive cellars with several aberrant versions of fabled dungeon creatures assembled as a sort of entrprenuerial makeshift “zoo”.

As the group approached the street section if the shoppe: It was an unnaturally foggy and misty plod through the sub level on approach. After a warning cry about “Snakes in the shadows” by the barbarian (joining the group from your dormitory), you found the purported “snakes” to be actually thieves en masse, striking from hidden stalking spots the area in the fog. An ambush!

While being assaulted by the substantial group of rogues, you saw some curious spell castings- a wall of fire (a substantial spell) was used. Suspiscious evidence that the oddball bunch of adventurers that share your employer were also found.

The rogues took a severe and bloody beat-down, but not after killing two of your group. The scamp Culum the Scallywag and the Cleric Bamu were dropped by the backstabs-the wounds were just too substantial to allow for timely healing. Both bodies were brought into the building, but only Culum the Scallywag was able to be revived.

The dead thieves were quasi stripped, and the dead were stacked in the intersection. Some members of the party removed themselves from the distasteful display.

Once back inside the building, the group re-orginized and 7 adventurers continued into the cellar to explore the passage that the last rogues that attacked had retreated down- up to now unexplored terrain.

  • Varuca
  • Neznarf
  • Beetlebrow
  • Robard
  • Flueder
  • The Princess
  • Shaloub

The other remaining adventurers stayed back to guard the rear and tend to the convalescing and dead.

  • Ikyllyuu the barbarian
  • Mugnafu the 1/2 Orc Cleric
  • Culum (wounded)
  • Bamu (dead)
  • Crystal Wynd (Sorceress)
  • Rocky (dwarf giant lackey)

Upon further exploration of the cellar, a ruined cage and moated room was found- door torn asunder. Further into a larger cavern a large Ettin was seen from a balconied area in an arena. There was the discovery of some debris underfoot- Some Small vials of invisibility potion were found and others imbibed and hereafter ensued a lengthy and torturous taunting and ultimately a parley of the hapless creature. He was bribed with foodstuffs in order to allow temporary passage into its lair, and discovery of a secreted section of cavern.

Note: Burt & Jimmy the Ettin are still active and will require regular and significant foodstuffs to keep placated. Please make accommodation.

Careful searching by the Princess discovered a secret entrance to a small cavern system which housed the well appointed office of Zando, the proprietor of this area, along with his papers and some LOOT. Zando the mage was initially observed by the group being eaten by the Ettin. A search of his body was never accomplished, but he has been completely destroyed/dismembered.

Culum was not particularly distraught by news, he shrugged and muttered something along the lines of “All’’s well that ends well Guv’nah”

A necklace of his with a singular jeweled key was found.

A trap door in the floor lead down a spiral stair to a very ancient and well crafted vaulted area. A raised platform with three keyholes was found. One hole was fit by the key that you found. Pillars in the room depict 6 dwarven clans.

Heading south you encountered a small complex of goblins and mantids, well armored insects that they were breeding. After a series of skirmishes, the Magic user Rorvesh escaped by the aid of a charmed Neznarf, and used him as a human shield to negotiate his escape. Although fleeing with his equipped personal belongings, his possessions were looted, as were the goblins’. Additional items were hidden among food stuffs (sacks of grain) to be retreived later. This included some robes of a unknown cult, and a number of bolts of fine silk. Additionally, another key (the second) was found to fit the pedastal in the anteroom.

Exploration Eastward led to a elevator, which hid a small alcove in its shaft, this yielded a curious wand which has been shot thrice to no avail in deciphering its nature. There was also a six pack of crossbow bolts in a fine black leather case, and some gold.

Further exploration led you to two areas of possible excavable passage. An abrupt meeting with what seemed the remainder of the rogues group ended ina stand off and a parley from which they fled. Behind you found a significant stash of weapons, armor and some documents. Additionally the final (third) key for the pedastal was discovered.

With the 3 keys activating the pedastal in the anteroom, it descended into the floor and allowed access into a water trapped are which flooded the passage and pushed the group to a curious door. The intricate and puzzling door was bypassed by a secret door to its right, leading to a corridor for what looked like the tomb of a Dwarven Lord. The corridor had a massive stone ball trap, and another secret passage into a corridor with the tomb. This room proved to be a “false” tomb with fake coins and a gelatinous cube trap. Yet a third secreted door in the floor was found, that the halfling bravely climbed through alone to the real “treasure room” to find 17 stamped gold ingots and two fine ancient weapons.

At this point the party decided to retreat back to the upper level to heal and assess its condition.

How will loot be identified? Will dead member be raised? How to transfer non-coin valuables into currency? Purchases and re-stocking from agents in town? Distribution of items amongst party members?



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