I have a 10 pole for you right here, no wait an 11 foot pole....

_Well after healthy inspection of unidentified magic items and a number of loot conversions via fencing and merchants, the party members bought the ettin a week’s worth of food, a number of supplies both mundane and arcane and re-organized another expedition into the depths… Unfortunately, they laid their comrade Bamu to rest with a small donation.

This time Flueder, I-kill-ewe, Varuca, Robard, Shaloub, Mugnafu, & The Princess went back to follow the tracks of their last enounter…following the leads of the collapsed passageways. I-kill-Ewe examined a pool of human blood was found, (& tasted) ....the hunter spotted a trail of footprints leading INTO a wall, a seret door!. The passageway was ancient, and 4 dead warrior dwarves animated into undead skeletons, they were quickly dispatched by the clerics. Further along, another somewhat mal-functioning elevator was found, and ONCE activated by the Princess, abruptly broke & ended dropping them another 100 feet below the surface of an unclimbable shaft. A strange runed passageway beset them with an animated hammer, and while that was being fought others charged ahead into the forge room, quickly freeing an ancient, bound salamander- a pitched battle ensued and in the end the geriatric salamander was slain. A stash of exotic armor and weapons were found. An anvil of great quality was discovered at the end of the hallway, and in a strange trophy room, a number of unique prizes were obtained, including an irksome white dragon hatchling, which threatened to ruin the exploits of a few of the party until it was gang rushed by peer pressure blood-lust and dispatched by a powerful blow from the bare fists of Shaloub, critically hitting and rupturing its abdomen!

A rude map on a tablet encouraged the party to rest and excavate the rubbled tunnel from the trophy room, and the group began trying to use the map in the new subterranean area. A strange air shaft was probed, a withered spider within its old lair was discovered. A giant centipede was killed. A small group of orcs was parleyed with, a few strange sticks were found and two drumming ghouls were dispatched and a key found inside their crude drum. The next room dropped a massive stone wall behind them, forcing them to re-group and press on deeper into the fringes of the unknown area, with the map fragment to lead them.



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